Sprint Inkjet Microarrayer

This bench-top non-contact microarrayer is ideal for carrying out small microarray print runs, quickly and with a superb level of accuracy.

Automated microarray production – set it up and walk away. Perfect when space is at a premium - designed to sit on a lab bench. Superfast: print 384 samples onto 20 slides in under an hour. The Sprint Inkjet Microarrayer gives your lab or R&D department easy access to customized microarrays – and with short set up and print times, you can produce microarrays quickly.

The Sprint is based on the same unique inkjet technology as our industrial scale microarrayers, so it’s very reliable and produces consistent results. How does it work?

A flexible inkjet microarrayer

Flexibility lies at the heart of the Sprint’s design. It’s built on our open platform, allowing us to customize the set up for your needs:

Adapts to a varied range of applications. You can print microarrays with a range of samples - from nucleic acids to cell lysates. The included Command Centre™ Software lets you design the microarray layout you need. Print onto different substrate sizes and types. The Sprint can be adapted to accept two-part plates. Consistent, reproducible results

The Sprint Inkjet Microarrayer produces consistent microarrays, time after time. This enables you to accurately reproduce experimental conditions and generate meaningful, comparable data.

Sprint capacity

The Sprint Inkjet Microarrayer is ideal for small scale microarray production.

Print microarrays on up to 20 slides or alternative substrates automatically Accepts up to four microplates of probe material (two initially, plus two manually reloaded)

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Christopher Bulman

Technical Contact

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