Beckman Optima XE Ultracentrifuge



Large touch-screen display Displays more data. Easy to read and navigate. Viewable from across the lab. Energy efficient Regenerative braking returns energy to local circuit reducing utility costs. Highly efficient thermoelectric cooling results in lower power consumption. Uses the same amount of power as a 60-watt light bulb while idling. Learn More Total system design The Optima XE, its rotors and its labware are designed, manufactured, and tested as an integrated system to ensure optimal performance and safety for your lab. Learn More Zonal and continuous flow operation screens Intuitive, graphical step-by-step interface simplifies workflow Multilingual software Includes nine languages for error-free operation Improved power tolerance Maintains runs during power fluctuations. Handles a wider tolerated range of 180 VAC to 264 VAC. Tracks power interruption data to convey if parameters remained within an acceptable range. Learn More Quiet-drive technology Designed for lowest drive noise – this is the quietest floor model on the market. Operates at less than 51 dBA. Learn More Context-sensitive on-screen help Find answers easily. Reduce training time and user error.

ManufacturerBeckman Coulter UK Ltd



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