Carl Zeiss LSM 880 & Axio Examiner



Gain sensitivity, resolution and speed for all your experiments. Image with negligible phototoxicity or bleaching - without changing your workflow, sample labels or system operation. Airyscan’s unique Fast mode speeds up your imaging by a factor of four. This will propel you into the traditional domain of resonant scanning confocals without sacrificing sensitivity or resolution. Airyscan delivers a perfect optical section and superresolution with high sensitivity at 120 nm laterally and 350 nm axially. This transcends the deconvolution approach by preserving precious emission light normally rejected at a closed pinhole and achieving higher resolution. Combine the Fast mode for Airyscan with Z-stacks and tiling to image even large sample volumes with high image quality. Collect all your fluorescent signals in one go. Parallel acquisition lets you investigate multiple labels in minimum time, equipped with the highest number of detectors of any confocal. Improve your image quality with the unique combination of parallel spectral acquisition and high speed GPU deconvolution. Make the most of large fields of view and the highest speed of any linear scanning confocal – ZEISS LSM 880 with Airyscan delivers up to 27 fps at 480x480 pixels in Fast mode. Tailor Airyscan to your research needs with a choice of Superresolution, Sensitivity mode or the new Fast mode. Remove autofluorescence and simultaneously separate highly overlapping fluorophores in a single scan. This will minimize phototoxicity in the sample. Combine confocal imaging with single molecule techniques to gain mobility/concentration/oligomeric state information (FCS/FCCS/RICS/PCH). Select Airyscan’s Fast mode to perform functional multiphoton imaging deep inside your sample

ManufacturerCarl Zeiss Ltd

ModelLSM 880


Academic Contact

Mel Leitch