D8 Discovery Diffractometer system



A state-of-the-art x-ray diffractometer system capable of a variety of measurement types. The two most common are XRR (or low-angle X-Ray reflection) and XRD. The former relies upon interference between x-rays reflected from the sample-surface and sample- substrate interfaces. By monitoring the period of the resulting interference pattern, one can determine the thickness of the film with high precision and infer information on roughness and interfacial mixing. This is important for calibration of thin film deposition rates and the characterisation of complex multi-layer stacks. XRD is used to determine the crystallographic structure and orientation of samples in particular epitaxial thin films. This D8 system is also equipped with a heater stage that can measure samples at up to 500 degrees C.




Academic Contact

Prof Prof Bryan Hickey

Technical Contact

Dr Dr Mannan Ali