The need to study solubility is extremely widespread in the chemical industry due to the importance of solids as the final form of many products. HEL's CrystalSCAN makes it easy for chemists to determine and optimise the solubility and recrystallisation temperature of multiple samples, in parallel.

CrystalSCAN is a parallel synthesis platform, consisting of 4 reactors with independent stirring and temperature controlled zones. Coupled with HEL's proprietary turbidity probes and controlled-dilution pumps, the system delivers a fast and automated tool for Meta-Stable Zone-Widths (MSZW) and solubility data determination in multiple samples.


HEL's winISO software with pre-defined test procedures enables the user to simply complete an input table for fully automated testing. Raw temperature and turbidity data is displayed graphically as the experiment proceeds. The output of crystallisation experiments is typically solubility curves and MSZW, both of which are generated in real-time within winISO and are available for immediate export as a jpeg image.

Data files are also available as .csv for offline analysis in Excel or HEL's iQ data-analysis software.




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