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The Leica EM UC7 prepares excellent quality semi- and ultra-thin sections, as well as the perfectly smooth surfaces required for LM, TEM, SEM, and AFM examination. The precision mechanics, ergonomic design, and intuitive layout of the touchscreen control unit make the Leica EM UC7 ideal for the highest quality specimen preparation.

• Eucentric movement of the stereomicroscope observation system with patented designated positions for specimen approach, for glass and diamond knives.

• In addition to the standard LED illumination for top light and backlight and transmitted light, the LED spot illumination offers a focused light beam to enhance observation, e.g., for cleaning the knife edge and during cryo-sectioning.

• The user can walk away from the instrument during trimming; the combination of the fully motorized knife stage and patented AutoTrim function completes and then stops the trim automatically.

• The ergonomic design provides comfortable, fatigue-free operation for left and right handed users.

• Excellent observation of the section at low water levels and during cryo-sectioning, without compromising the user’s ergonomic posture.

• The stereomicroscope offers higher magnification than ever before.

• Easy-to-learn, fast operation via touchscreen control and displayed hints.

• Data transfer for reporting user, specimen, knife and storage parameters provides an electronic, paper-free log file.

• The operator recognition system makes it easy for multiple users to use the same instrument. Up to 100 different user/specimen/knife profiles can be set.

ManufacturerLeica Microsystems (UK) Ltd.

ModelLeica EM UC7


Academic Contact

Dr Kathryn White

Technical Contact

Mrs Tracey Davey