m2p Labs G-BL100-1 BioLector Microbioreactor system



The BioLector® is the first bench top microbioreactor system to perform high-throughput fermentations together with online monitoring of the most common fermentation parameters (biomass, pH, DO and fluorescent molecules).

The BioLector® microbioreactor is based on microtiter plate formats and operates with non-invasive, optical sensors. Due to the continuous and rigorous shaking during the optical measurements and over the whole experimental time it is ideally suited for aerobic and anaerobic cultures. For the first time real time culture monitoring at a massive parallel scale becomes possible!

The full scalable microbioreactor BioLector® is running 48 cultivations (using FlowerPlates® or Round Well Plates) parallel in one step.

In the basic version the BioLector® is able to measure biomass, pH, DO and GFP online while running a cultivation. Additionally the microbioreactor controls the shaking speed, the temperature inside the cultivation chamber as well as the humidity.

For most cultivations this features fit already very well. However, if there is a high or very low oxygen level required, a CO2 enriched aeration, anaerobic conditions, or the possibility for measuring Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET), the system can be very easy upgraded with additional modules.

Manufacturerm2p-labs GmbH

ModelG-BL100-1, S-INST-100, L-BL-EU BioLector


Academic Contact

Wendy Toward

Technical Contact

William Saint