Magnetic Resonance (MR) Centre



It is a unique research venture. A group of outstanding magnetic resonance physicists has been assembled. By collaborating with leading clinical researchers in dementia research, diabetes, psychiatry, neurology, liver disease, cardiology, respiratory disease, neurophysiology and other fields, substantial progress has been made.

Construction of the MR centre and installation of the first magnet required fundraising of £5.2 million. The target was achieved by generous support from local and national charities, individual donation, OneNorthEast and the Strategic Research Initiative funding.

All seven themes of the Newcastle NIHR Biomedical Research Centre in Age and Age-related disease are underpinned by structural and functional magnetic resonance research at the Newcastle MR Centre. This is relevant to the University’s Societal Challenge theme of Ageing and Health. A second whole body 3T magnet is planned in view of the large and increasing demand for the innovative magnetic resonance techniques developed in Newcastle.


•Philips Intera Achieva 3 Tesla whole body magnet •Multi-nuclear (non-proton) acquisition capabilities for metabolic studies •Functional neuroimaging stimulus and response equipment •Surface coil building facility •7 Tesla small bore magnet for pre-clinical and basic research




Academic Contact

Professor Roy Taylor

Technical Contact

Beverley Hailstone