MDF-DU700VH-PE Ultra Low Temperature Freezer with VIP insulation (Upright Freezer)



The Panasonic MDF-DU700VH-PE (former KM-DU73Y1E) Eco VIP ultra-low freezer with natural refrigerants minimises energy consumption, reduces environmental impact and saves money. Innovative technology and Class IIa medical device certification provide secure storage of valuable research and clinical samples.

Natural Refrigerants Natural hydrocarbon refrigerants provide more efficient cooling due to their high latent heat of evaporation. As a result, smaller compressors can be used leading to greater energy efficiency. With exceptionally low global warming potential natural refrigerants are also better for the environment.

Heat Exchanger Design A new patent-pending heat exchanger design provides greater surface area contact at critical points in the refrigeration system. This improves overall efficiency and reduces compressor running time for lower energy consumption.

High Efficiency Insulation with VIP PLUS Technology Panasonic’s latest development in vacuum insulation is VIP PLUS technology. This revolutionary vacuum insulation panel reduces the wall thickness by approximately one half and achieves up to 30% more storage capacity than a conventionally insulated freezer, maximizing storage capacity and saving valuable lab space. Just as importantly, the advanced thermal insulation properties of VIP PLUS improve the energy efficiency of Eco VIP ULT freezers for lower running costs per sample.

Automatic Compressor Cycling Compressor ON - OFF cycles are regulated automatically in response to cooling demand to minimise compressor running time and to save energy.




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