Nanoscribe - Photonic Professional GT



The Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT is the fastest microscale 3D printer available with an achievable feature size of 1 µm and smaller. The system employs femtosecond laser pulses to cure polymers at the nanoscopic level - a technique known as either Direct Laser Writing (DLW) or Two Photon Polymerization (2PP). Fabrication of complex micro– and nanostructures in various photocurable materials such as: industry standard photoresists, hybrid sol-gels and, biocompatible and biodegradable materials (e.g. hydrogels and proteins) is possible. Two writing modes ensures challenging designs can be realised: galvo – enables a fast layer by layer writing approach, suitable for µm to mm scale structures and piezo – enables ultra-precise arbitrary x-y-z trajectories for highly complex structures, Amongst the growing number of application areas for 3D microprinting are:
• Optical (Photonic crystals, waveguides, interconnects, lenses, diffractive optical elements).
• Micro- and nanofluidics (filters, mixers, nozzles and valves)
• Biological (cell culture & biomimetic surfaces, 3D tissue engineering and cell encapsulation)

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Lancaster University Campus


Academic Contact

Dr Sara Baldock
+44 1524 595164

Technical Contact

Dr Sara Baldock
+44 1524 595164