Protein and Proteomics Facility (NUPPA)



NUPPA is Newcastle University's Protein and Proteomics Facility. Our services include:

Protein identification through Peptide Mass Fingerprinting or through LCMS analysis;

Protein expression analysis (= identification of many proteins) of complex protein mixtures (such as tissue or cell culture lysates, subcellular organelles);

Absolute protein quantification using a variety of internal standards;

Relative protein quantification using isobaric labelling methods (such as iTRAQ, Tandem Mass Tags (TMT) or IPTL), stable isotope labelling by amino acids in cell culture (SILAC) or label free comparative proteome analysis;

Protein characterisation (identification of post-translational modifications including site-specific proteolysis, determination of intact protein molecular weight using mass spectrometry or electrophoretic methods);

Analysis of the hydrodynamic volume of proteins or protein complexes (including membrane protein complexes or complexes of glycosylated proteins or interactions of proteins with lipids or nucleic acids).

Many biochemical questions can be addressed with a variety of different experiments. We provide a free consultancy service to researchers at Newcastle University to establish the best and the most cost-efficient bespoke experimental approach to solve a particular biological/biomedical/biochemical question. This includes advice on the design of a project at the grant application stage, support of an application as a named investigator and help with the preparation of publications once a project has been completed.

We also welcome enquiries from external customers.

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Academic Contact

Dr Achim Treumann

Technical Contact

Dr. Alexandra Solovyova