Saturn 5 - Directional / Fixed Laser System



Blastomere Biopsy, Polar Body Biopsy, Blastocyst Collapsing (for vitrification)

The Saturn 5 Active™ directional laser allows the embryo to stay in the desired position and focus so that ablations can be made wherever required without additional manipulation. Our Biopsy Mode also allows safe multi-pulse drilling along a predetermined line.

Assisted Hatching

The directional laser means that accurate ablations can be made without the need to hold the embryo, making it very quick and accurate, with no additional consumable costs.

Blastocyst/Trophectoderm Biopsy

The Saturn 5 Active™ is unparalled in its ease of use.

The directional laser allows the user to make multiple ablations across the trophectoderm cells without needing to move the blastocyst.

This gives the user superb accuracy, safety and incredible speed.

ManufacturerResearch Instruments Ltd

Model8-47-500 Saturn 5 Active lase


Academic Contact

Trish Sewell

Technical Contact

Paul Simpson