First-class spindle and zona imaging OCTAX polarAIDE™ is the solution for routine spindle and zona analysis. Oocyte quality is evaluated by polarAIDE™´s unique “automatic zona scoring” which detects the oocyte´s zona pellucida and measures its birefringence properties, automatically and user independent. Use our cutting edge technology to identify the most promising oocytes developing to the best embryos for transfer. Features • Real-time spindle and zona imaging under normal light intensity • Simultaneous view of oocyte morphology and spindle • Fully automatic zona pellucida detection and analysis • Self-calibrating, no active calibration required • Can easily be upgraded with other OCTAX components

Applications • Spindle imaging for oocyte stageing to verify metaphase II • Spindle imaging for checking post-thaw oocyte viability • Spindle imaging for QC purposes (proper temperature / pH) • Automatic & objective oocyte zona scoring for assessment of the developmental potential of the resulting embryos


Model19330/0011 OCTAX polarAIDE system


Academic Contact

Debra Jones

Technical Contact

Sheila Gibbs-Barton