Crystal 16 - Multiple Reactor System



Crystal 16 is a multiple reactor station that functions as a parallel crystalliser on 1 mL volume scale with online turbidity measurement. This automatic crystallisation platform can hold 16 (4 x 4) standard HPLC glass vials. A unit consists of 4 independently heated aluminum reactor blocks and is a compact bench top size. These blocks are electrically heated and cooled by a combination of Peltier elements and a cryostat. In order to prevent condensation of water on the reactor blocks and electronics during runs at temperatures below 10 °C the Crystal 16 system provides an inlet for a dry purge gas (typically nitrogen). The platform can be used to determine meta-stable zone width and solubility for example with a wide temperature range of -15 to 100 oC with heat/cool rate of 0 to 20 oC/min.


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Prof Prof Kevin Roberts