Crystalline - Multiple Reactor System



Crystalline is also a multiple reactor station that functions as a parallel crystalliser on 5mL volume scale. It combines turbidity measurements with independent real time particle visualization (PV). The high quality digital visualisation probes are independent of each other, and can be synchronised with the turbidity measurements and temperature profile of each independent rector. Crystalline consists of two modules: 1) Crystalline base module, 2) PV module. The Crystalline in our research laboratory is build up with one PV module, resulting in PV of 4 reactors simultaneously. The Crystalline can hold 8 (4 x 2) 8 mL vials. A unit consists of 8 independently heated reactor blocks and these blocks are temperature controlled by a microprocessor controlling a heat and Peltier element (temperature range of -25 to 145 oC with heat/cool rate of 0 to 20 oC/min). The Peltier element is cooled by heat transfer with cooling liquid from an external cryostat set at 18 oC. Crystalline provides an inlet for a dry purge gas (typically nitrogen) to prevent condensation on the reactor blocks and electronics.


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