FEI Tecnai TF20 FEGTEM Field emission gun TEM/STEM fitted with HAADF detector, Oxford Instruments INCA 350 EDX system/80mm X-Max SDD detector and Gatan Orius SC600A CCD camera. Special TEM sample facilities: (i) 2 double tilt analytical holders, (ii) Tilt/rotate analytical cooling holder, (iii) Bench-mounted ex-situ reaction/heating cell with vacuum transfer facility, (iv) Fischione plasma cleaner, (v) Gatan model 628 single tilt heating holder - up to 1200C, (vi) Nanofactory combined Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM) and TEM holder. TEM Sample Preparation: (i) Gatan PIPS low angle ion beam thinner, (ii) Gatan Duomill with sample cooling facility (iii) 2 Dimplers, (iv) Range of Coating units.




Academic Contact

Prof Prof Richard Drummond-Brydson

Technical Contact

Mr Mr John Harrington