IVIS Spectrum - Bioluminescence & Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging



This equipment forms part of Newcastle University's Preclinical In Vivo Imaging Facility:


Real time in vivo imaging The IVIS can image bioluminescence and fluorescence in up to 4 mice during a single scanning session. Images can be used to can generate high quality 3D quantitative representations of bioluminescence and fluorescence (400-900 nm) in vivo and in real time.

The software enables easy switching between fluorescence and bioluminescence modes of imaging and can allow 2 spectral images to be integrated.

An added benefit of the system is that it incorporates a topographic laser scanner and can yield for single-view, diffuse tomographic reconstructions of internal sources.

ManufacturerCaliper Life Sciences Ltd

ModelIn Vivo Imaging System


Academic Contact

Mr Saimir luli