A very flexible research sputtering machine with 10 magnetrons (FC or RF) and equipped with a size slectable nano-cluster source, a radical atom source and ion-beam assisted deposition capability and in-situ Ar ion beam cleaning of substrates. The system can take up to 24 substrates (max size 1.5") which may be heated up to 500 degrees C during growth. A system of shadow masks allows in-situ patterning of samples during growth to form simple cross and hall-bar shapes. The combination of sample carousel and magnetrons means that any sequence of up to 10 materials may be deposited in any order on each sample independently. Standard materials include ferromagnetic metals and alloys, gold, platinum, AlOx and MgO.

ManufacturerKURT LESKER



Academic Contact

Prof Prof Christopher Marrows

Technical Contact

Dr Dr Mannan Ali