Mastersizer 2000 is a practical and trustable particle sizing equipment that has been developed to meet industry’s need for comparability, traceability, regulatory compliance and efficiency in the laboratory. As part of any Malvern Instrument this is also useful for particle analysis solutions relevant to several sectors such as pharmaceuticals, rheological, etc. This instrument is driven by Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and is set with standards in laser diffraction which are straightforward to operate and easy to control and read. The detection system has two types of lights: red (used for forward/back/side scattering) and blue (used for wide/back angle scattering) with an automatic optical alignment system. The SOPs system brings definition and consistency to measurements of particles whose size can vary from0.02μm to 2000μm. There is a simple wizard that can guide any user through a method definition suitable for a particular particle being analysed. Once this is established, SOPs can be saved and transferrable by email. To summarise, Mastersizer is a quick and efficient way of knowing particle size distribution that provides an easy data representation, comparison, reproducibility and gives you room to use standard methods or create your own by having a total control of the settings.



Component of Dyno Mill multilab


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Prof Prof Xue Wang