Description Used for the growth of GaAs/AlGaAs/InGaAs semiconductor heterostructures doped n-type with silicon and p-type with beryllium also used for the growth of self organised In(Ga)As quantum dots and pillars. The system has a specific emphasis on growing microwave and terahertz components especially quantum cascade lasers. Material is supplied to a range of international collaborators including Harvard University, University of Texas, Paris Sud, Paris 7, Ecole Normale superiure, University of Vilnius. Typical structures are highlighted in: Papers Barbieri, S; Ravaro, M; Gellie, P; Santarelli, G; Manquest, C; Sirtori, C; Khanna, SP; Linfield, EH; Davies, AG Coherent sampling of active mode-locked terahertz quantum cascade lasers and frequency synthesis. Nature Photonics, vol. 5, pp.306-313. 2011. Dean, P; Lim, YL; Valavanis, A; Kliese, R; Nikolić, M; Khanna, SP; Lachab, M; Indjin, D; Ikonić, Z; Harrison, P; Rakić, AD; Linfield, EH; Davies, AG Terahertz imaging through self-mixing in a quantum cascade laser.. Optics Letters, vol. 36, pp.2587-2589. 2011. Yu, NF; Wang, QJ; Kats, MA; Fan, JA; Khanna, SP; Li, LH; Davies, AG; Linfield, EH; Capasso, F Designer spoof surface plasmon structures collimate terahertz laser beams. NAT MATER, vol. 9, pp.730-735. 2010.,, ,, ,,,, Chassagneux, Y; Colombelli, R; Maineult, W; Barbieri, S; Beere, HE; Ritchie, DA; Khanna, SP; Linfield, EH; Davies, AG Electrically pumped photonic-crystal terahertz lasers controlled by boundary conditions. Nature<(>,<)> vol. 457, pp.174-178. 2009.,, Jukam, N; Dhillon, SS; Oustinov, D; Madeo, J; Manquest, C; Barbieri, S; Sirtori, C; Khanna, SP; Linfield, EH; Davies, AG; Tignon, J Terahertz amplifier based on gain switching in a quantum cascade laser. Nature Photonics, vol. 3, pp.715-719. 2009.,,


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Prof Prof Edmund Linfield

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Dr Dr Lianhe Li