The MorphologiG3 is the latest instrument for sample dispersion and image analysis from Malvern Instruments. This is a fully automated vision system for analysis of the size and shape of dry powder particles between 0.5 μm and 10mm. The preparation device uses compressed air to disperse the dry powder samples using a software controlled dispersion system which has repeatability. The particles can be dispersed either on one of the accessories like 4 slide holder which has 4 microscope slides or on filter plates. The images of the dispersed particles are captured by the built-in optical system and these images are then analysed to give meaningful size and shape information. The whole experiment can be carried out by completing a simple standard operating procedure (SOP) wizard and each stage of the measurement is viewed using the measurement manager. The images of the particles can be saved including the xy coordinates of each particle which helps in going back to the sample for further analysis.