Electron Beam Lithography System



The JBX-6300FS is a state-of-the-art vector scan electron beam lithography system capable of patterning lines less than 10 nm wide. The system uses advanced electron optics to produce a minimum spot size of 2 nm from the ZrO/W (Schottky) electron source which also provides extremely stable currents over the range 30 pA to 20 nA. The electron gun can be configured to work at accelerating voltages of 25 kV, 50 kV or 100 kV. The main beam deflection employs a 19bit DAC while the sub deflector uses a 12bit DAC operating at 25MHz. The system has a maximum writing area of 150 x 150 mm and can handle substrate sizes of up to 200mm diameter (only tooling up to 75 mm wafers is currently available). An auto-loader provides for continuous unattended operation of up to 10 cassettes allowing high sample throughput. The overlay misalignment between electron-beam written patterns is below 25 nm.


ModelJBX 6300FS



Academic Contact

Prof Prof Edmund Linfield

Technical Contact

Dr Dr Mark Rosamond